Body Planes, Aspect, Direction and Position: Medical Term

Body Planes Transverse Plane A transverse (also known as axial or horizontal) plane is an X-Z plane, parallel to the ground, which separates the superior from the inferior, or put another way, the head from the feet. Coronal Plane A coronal (also known as frontal or lateral) plane is a Y-X plane, perpendicular to the … Continue reading Body Planes, Aspect, Direction and Position: Medical Term


Surgical Terminology : Eye

Blepharotomy :- An operation designed to release one or more eyelid layers (lamella) for diagnostic therapeutic purposes. Blepharoptosis :-  An abnormal, low-lying upper eyelid margin. Drooping eyelids may occur on both sides (bilateral) or on one side only (unilateral) Canthotomy :- Canthotomy is simple division of the outer canthus without stitching the conjunctiva into the wound. Chemocauterization :- Destruction … Continue reading Surgical Terminology : Eye

Transitional care : How do code and bill?

Transitional care refers to the coordination and continuity of health care during a movement from one healthcare setting to either another or to home, called care transition, between health care practitioners and settings as their condition and care needs change during the course of a chronic or acute illness. TCM includes services provided to a … Continue reading Transitional care : How do code and bill?

Mumford Procedure: Coding Guide

The Mumford procedure, also known as distal clavicle excision or distal clavicle resection, is a medical operation performed to ameliorate shoulder pain and discomfort by excising the distal (lateral) end of the clavicle. Distal clavicle excision is performed to treat pain occurring around the AC joint of the shoulder, usually caused by shoulder impingement or … Continue reading Mumford Procedure: Coding Guide